Siapa sajakah tokoh terkenal yang ateis?


Antara lain:
Bill Gates (Pendiri Microsoft)
Mark Zuckeberg (Pencipta Facebook)
Steve Jobs (Pendiri Apple)
Carl Sagan (Astronomer)
Richard Dawkins (Evolutionary Biologist)
Michio Kaku (Physicist)
Stephen Hawking (Physicist)
Christopher Hitchens (Jurnalis)
George Carlin (Comedian)


Satu komentar di “Siapa sajakah tokoh terkenal yang ateis?

  1. Just want to tell you guys, I love your blog. I’m pretty much consider myself to be an agnostic theist(theist in a sense that I still follow a religion) and it’s pretty nice knowing that in this country of ours, I’m not really alone and there are those who have similar opinions. Thank you.

    And a little question regarding this post, wasn’t Steve Jobs a Zen Buddhis or something like that?

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